Impromptu Speech Topics

Fortune cookies
Getting to know you
Noah's Ark
“Once Upon A Time”
Three things
Grab bag
Acceptance of an Award
Mr. T  vs Hulk Hogan
In the dark
Persuade us
Imaginative scenario
Magazine cut-outs
Reality TV

“Once Upon A Time”
by Valeri Smith

1) Once upon a time in a far off land…
2) Once upon a time a horse…
3) Once upon a time a pig grew wings…
4) Once upon a time a tiger lost his tail…
5) Once upon a time a teacher…
6) Once upon a time a beautiful princess…
7) Once upon a time in the hundred acre woods…
8) Once upon a time a cow and a frog…
9) Once upon a time a little girl…
10) Once upon a time a pretty flower…
11) Once upon a time a pumpkin learned to talk…
12) Once upon a time the moon stayed up all day…
13) Once upon a time the earth started to rumble…
14) Once upon a time the teacher let class out early…
15) Once upon a time an owl and a kangaroo…
16) Once upon a time a little red car began to grow…
17) Once upon a time a fish said to a bear…
18) Once upon a time Cinderella…
19) Once upon a time Goofy…
20) Once upon a time Buzz Light Year…

Noah's Ark
by  Kim Bredehoedft

There are only 2 spots left on Noah's Ark. The speaker picks an animal from a list the chair came up with and tells the class why they, being the animal, should get the last two spots. There are two spots left cause the animals came on two by two but only one person has to speak per animal.

"Getting to Know You"
by Katie Van Dusseldorp

The worst date you ever had
 Your most embarassing moment
 Best memory at Northwest
 What you look for in a man/woman
 Who is your hero
 If you could have lunch with any three people, alive or dead, who would you choose?
 Where do you see yourself in five years
 If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go
 What is your dream job
 What is your dream date-who would it be with?
 What was your best vacation
 What was your most frieghtning experience
 What is your favorite family tradition
 Tell us about your first job
 Tell us about your first car
 What has been the best day of your life

Three things
by  Morris White

Speakers makes up a story using 1. a type of food, 2. an object and 3. a person. 
1. cabbage, a pencil, brad pitt
2. beef, a mirror, angelina jolie
3. fish, a helmet, john travolta
4. hot dogs, an iron, george bush

Fortune cookies
by Ashlee Freeman

Bring  fortune cookies, and the impromptu speakers use their  fortunes as their topics.

Grab Bag
by Allison Witte

Each person draws a piece of paper from a bag. On each piece of paper is the name of an item. The speaker then has a choice of how to give the impromptu speech. Those choices include the following:
1) Tell what the item means to you and why you cannot live without it OR
2) Try to sell the item to your best friend.

Acceptance of an award
by Stephanie Trester

Speakers give an acceptance speech for an award.  Examples might include the Oscar, Tony, Grammy, Cleo billboard, Soap Opera Digest, Sports Illustrated Best Body, People Magazine Worst Dressed,  Newbery Medal for Children's Literature, Darwin Award, Best kiss on MTV, etc. 

Here is a list of awards and prizes.,_medals,_and_awards

Mr. T  vs Hulk Hogan
by Rebecca Rice

Give speakers the names of  2 celebrities and ask them if those two celebrities were in a fight who would win. An example I used was Mr. T  vs Hulk Hogan.

by Tiffany Robertson

What you need:
Abag full of weird objects (household odds and ends)  anda blindfold

Call a speaker up to give an impromptu, blindfold them, and then you draw an object from the bag of odds and ends you brought.
The speaker must feel the object and either (1) try and sell it to the class, or (2) explain its use. The speaker  must do all of this blindfolded. When their time is up, unblindfold them and let them see what object they have. This is a very fun topic and is usually a guarantee for a lot of laughs! Enjoy!

Persuade us
Jared Hoffmann

Speakers draw  topics out of a bag. For example, convincing the audience that you would make the best president. Or, convince them you should be on the college football team. All of the topics deal with persuasion.

Imaginative scenario
by Crystal Tran

Speakers each draw from three envelopes.  The topics consist of a strange place, object, and catchphrase.  Using these three things, they construct a story.  An example of these things would be inside Dr. Fisher's brain, a magic cowboy hat, and "I may not be the best-looking guy in here, but I'm the only one that's talking to you."  This is a challenging,
but fun, topic  because it requires creating an imaginative scenario. 

Magazine cut-outs
by Hayley Leopard

Cut out magazine pictures and put numbers on the back.  Have speakers choose a number. Then they have to tell what was happening in the picture or act as if they were the person or persons in the picture by telling us what they were thinking or saying.  An example is an advertisement of a woman in a bathing suit on a beach.

Reality TV
by Gina Lichte

Make a list of all different kinds of reality tv shows. Then, the speaker is told to choose a number between 1-15. They, then, take the tv show chosen and try to sell it to the audience audience. The audience acted like investors deciding to put money into their show.