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Sexsmith Elementary School


In the June 2000, grade 3 achievement tests, our results were comparable to the provincial results in both reading and math. At the grade 6 level, total test results were within the expected range for acceptable levels. For the most part, Sexsmith Elementary School student results were at a comparable level to provincial results. In a couple of the subjects, the skill levels of our students were a bit lower that the provincial results. Also, the number of students attaining a level of excellence is noticeably lower than those levels throughout the province.

The Metra Reading Program in grades one and two went through its second complete year and preliminary test results indicate that students are doing well in the language arts area.

The staff developed an Information and Communications Technology Implementation Plan last year, and we are incorporating the ICT curriculum into the school this year.

In Choral Speech, the grade 4 classes and won at our district competition and they traveled to Camrose, Alberta to participate in the Provincial Competition, where they did very well. A number of individual students from Sexsmith Elementary School also received awards at the Grande Prairie District Music Festival in May.


Once again this past year we experienced space problems in the Sexsmith Elementary School. The grade one classes started the year with high numbers and increased as the year progressed. As a result, the classes were split into three classes after Christmas. The only available room was the music room and this ended up being where the new grade one class was housed. This was quite disruptive to the music and drama programs for the second year in a row, and with the enrolment we will have for the 2000-2001 year, we will not have a music/drama room available, once again.

However, we have received word this summer that an additional two classrooms, four smaller small-group rooms, and a storage room, have been approved for our school, and hopefully we will be using them by Easter 2001.

Finally, we have successfully completed the purchase and installation of a very large piece of playground equipment. The total cost of this project was over $60,000 and we were assisted for half of these funds through the County Facility Enhancement program, as well as receiving financial support from various community organizations, including the Elks, Royal Purple, and Legion.

School Parent Council

The Sexsmith Elementary School Council has continued to be an integral part of our school. They have participated in hot dog sales, provided feedback on various system policies, and undertook a millennium project for our school.

Professional Development

Professional development continues to be a significant aspect in our school. A number of staff have participated in the Telus To Learn Workshops and more teachers are interested in these for the coming year.

Community Relations

Sexsmith Elementary School is an integral part of our community and we work together with various organizations and groups in Sexsmith to improve the quality of life in our town. A number of groups use our school in the evenings to run their program, including, Karate, Girl Guides, Cubs/Scouts, 4-H, and Dance. We provide our facilities at a very reasonable cost to assist these groups. With the assistance and support of the Elks, the Legion, and the Royal Purple as well as volunteer labor provided by parents, we purchased a large piece of playground equipment. It is used extensively during school hours and then is used by the children of the community after school is out. We also raise donations, both monetary and food, for our local Christmas hamper program during the Christmas concert we present in December.

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